Adams Rotrax

Adams Rotrax


WWD 534S



Car No 7 first production kit car…
Local kit produced in Bradford on Avon by Dennis Adams, who was the designer for Marcos car and, ERA mini turbo to name but a few…
The Rotrax at its launch in 1988 was described by the press as “the thinking man’s beach buggy” this actual car was featured in Which Kit magazine in May 1990 and also featured on Men and Motors TV show in 1993, the bigger spin-off of the Rotax call the Dakar (based on a range rover) was used on the challenge Anika TV series the name come from half road and half-track RO-TRAX. Even though being 2WD it is still a very capability off-road 
This Rotrax is based around a spaceframe chassis that originally utilised Cortina running gear. This particular car has a unique Rotrax custom-designed chassis to handle the power for a championship-winning formula Monoposto ford2.0l semi-down port power plant prepared by Hoopers of Bristol coupled to a sierra T9 gearbox generating 180bhp. Which gives lively performance for a car that only weighs 750kg. This equates to 243bhp per ton
This car started life as a bright yellow Cortina 2.0GL estate WWD534S but in true kit car tradition, the builder managed to convince DVLA that it was a re-shell of the original Cortina and hence kept the donor vehicle number plate and escaped a Q plate. This car became the first car to be registered as an Adams Rotrax. Hence this vehicle is now registered as a historic vehicle and is exempt from MOT and car TAX as its registration date is 42 years ago in Feb 1978. 
Out of the 43 rotrax’s built(1989-90) only 7 survive in road worthy condition today
The main design feature of this car was its seats which consisted of multiple pads to support the passengers. The car also fitted classic custom original Rotax Weller wheels fitted.
Last time you may remember this car driving around with a patio umbrella to protect it from the rain. 

This year the car has its original side screens with a new mohair burgundy soft top keeping occupants snug and warm.
Points to note:
Wheelbase is only 86” shorter than the SWB Landover 88” and 90”
Handbrake and gearstick are wrong way round because it’s so short
Massive attack angles on the front and rear of the vehicle (really it’s a wheel on each corner) together with 14” ground clearance

Owner: Richard Ransford

Days: Saturday and Sunday