B.S.A. Goldstar

B.S.A. Goldstar

B.S.A. Goldstar Registration: 667 XVG Year: 1959 This BSA Goldstar was ordered from the BSA Competition Dep’t by R.U.Holloway & sons of Bath to compete in the Welsh 2/3 day trial with a sidecar, in the hands of David Holloway and his cousin it won the event...

Norton Dominator

Norton Dominator Registration: Race Year: 1960 Norton Dominator is used for racing purposes with many modifications. Owner: Bob Chapman

Norton ES2

Norton ES2 Registration: 119 MHW Year: 1954 Here we have my Norton ES2, a bike used for riding, I have been to Russia, Red Square, Italy, and a lot more too. Owner: George Gunningham

James Comet

James Comet Registration: UHU 972 Year: 1951 I have a James Comet 98cc which was rebuilt by my father in law which he used on a day-to-day basis to get to work. it’s nice to show it off so people can see it Owner: Jacob...